Friday, April 29, 2011


Nowadays a tradition has become that all the people especially young generation have been effected greatly due to Bollywood films. This film industry has covered all aspects of our lives. We are all keen to become like these stars. We all want to be like them. This film industry has become very famous and we all have become habitual of watching its movies. Our elders are also with us in this race. This film industry is releasing so many movies every month. Stories and different types of current issue are shown in these. Some of which affect positively but some also affect negatively. This film industry is involving the stars of different religions, different countries now. In the beginning, this industry showed very good progress but in the middle, a time came when this industry faced many difficulties and reached near to flop. But the runners of this industry in which producers, directors and stars are included, did very hard work and pulled it up to the top. Now the time has come when Bollywood industry is touching the height of sky.

Overall if we see the economical status of India, then we shall come to know that great poverty is found here. But now this ratio of poverty is decreasing step by step. The reason behind this change is that Bollywood film industry is playing a strong role to decrease the poverty of India. A great part of the total income of Bollywood film industry is being deposited to the Government of India in the form of different taxes. A survey report of India tells us that up to 50% budget of India Government have been supported by this film industry. So in this way this industry is helping and playing a very important role to strengthen the economical position of India. Thus this film industry is very beneficial for its country and also working hard to raise its country to the top.

Although this industry is playing a good role yet this industry is leaving a harmful effect on our society. In some stories of the Bollywood films crimes occur, e.g. in one story bank robbery occurs, in 2nd murder occurs, and in 3rd kidnapping occurs; so these are all sources of earning money. Unemployed young generation which has been facing many problems due to lack of jobs, thinks about these plans and some also try to do it, but there is a great difference in reality and films. On the other hand romance and love stories are also affecting our young generation both boys and girls. They learn the ways of connectivity, raise their confidence and see dreams to enjoy a very easy and happy life. Another great effect is that of fashion, all the up coming movies contain vulgar type of dressing and extreme level of fashion. So in this way Bollywood film industry is affecting negatively. There is a need to improve their movies to affect positively on the thinking of our young generation so that they may become great thinkers.

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